Trying to get disposable plastics out of your life? Here comes a photo that’ll scare you into stepping up those efforts. Above is a photo of the plastic debris found in a single juvenile sea turtle that was accidentally captured in Bahía Samborombón, Argentina.

Actually, the sea turtle had ingested even more plastic than pictured above. There was so much plastic debris that some of it got cropped out! See the full image at

Earlier this month, MNN contributor Bryan Nelson wrote about a turtle that pooped plastic for a month. Turns out, that unlucky turtle is hardly the only one mistaking plastic for food. In fact, has many more such photos of scary plastics that turtles have managed to ingest.

What can you do about this plague of plastic in the oceans? Start by cutting back on the amount of disposable plastics you use. Find out more about the plastic problem — and what you can do about it — by watching “Bag It” on TV or at the theater in April.