When the camera first zooms in on Jorge, a black-and-white street dog, it's easy to see fear play out on his face as someone approaches. Separated from his family in 2015 and lost on the streets of Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia, he likely witnessed plenty of harsh moments in an effort to survive each day. He was even captured by animal control services, but was later vaccinated, tagged and released after being found harmless.

This moment, however, would prove to be one of unbounded joy.

According to owner Giorgi Bereziani, his entire family had been searching for Jorge for three years — placing posters around the neighborhood and following empty leads. On Oct. 7, workers outside an opera house noticed a dog that looked like the one in posters they'd seen, so they decided to give Bereziani a call. His cellphone was recording as he approached the pup and gently asked, "Jorge, is that you? Oh dear boy, how are you, boy?"

The reunion that followed between Jorge and Giorgi and the rest of his family is a beautiful ending to three years of heartache.

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The moment this street dog recognizes his long-lost owner is pure joy
The celebratory conclusion to a three-year search captures the love between a man in Tbilisi, Georgia, and his best friend, Jorge the dog.