It's well-known that crows are clever animals, capable of using tools, making tools and even recognizing human faces. As the video below shows, apparently we can now add snowboarding to their list of accomplishments:



Filmed in Yekaterinburg, Russia, the video seems to show a crow using a jar lid as a snowboard, gliding down a snowy roof while using its wings to balance. It then picks up the lid with its beak, flies back uphill and starts all over.


"Maybe it is teasing us," a child says in the background, according to Russia Today.


It's hard to tell exactly what the bird's intentions are, but the fact that it performs the trick more than once suggests it's no accident. It even pecks at the lid when it gets stuck in the snow, much like a frustrated child kicking a sled. If this is what it looks like, it's an amazing display of animal intelligence. Crows usually make tools to help them get food, not to help them shred slopes.


And while this crow may not give Shaun White a run for his money yet, there's still time before the 2014 Winter Olympics — which, incidentally, are in Russia. (Sochi is a long way from Yekaterinburg, but it's only about 800 miles as the crow flies.)


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