For their latest music video "White Knuckles", the Grammy award-winning rock band OK Go decided to raise the level of difficulty to 11. No, I'm not talking about the insane "all-in-one-take" approach — they've done that before. Singing/dancing on eight running treadmills? Check. Nope, I'm talking about the hair-pulling complexity and generally frowned upon idea of working with animals. Lots of animals.

But this is OK Go, who have seemingly signed a pact with the devil so that all things appear possible. Even cooler, however, and for the purposes of this writer relevant to the theme at large, is that "White Knuckles" stars a crew of canines made up almost entirely of rescue dogs.

In fact, so smitten were the guys with their remarkable (and once doomed) best friends, that they've decided to donate 100 percent of the sales of the song on their site to the ASPCA. "They’re the lucky ones — they have loving families," writes the band about their co-stars. "Unfortunately, there are countless animals out there who do not."

OK Go has spread the donation level all the way from $2-$1,000; so you shouldn't have much trouble finding the amount that works for you. "You can buy the video at whichever price you like, and you can buy it as many times as you like," they add. "Just keep in mind, the profits are going to save animals. Be generous."

Check out the artistry of "White Knuckles" below — and be sure to pat these guys on the head with whatever you can afford to part with.

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OK Go's new video features amazing rescue dogs
But it's oh so much more than that. Prepare to be bow-wowed.