As if you needed another reason not to shop at big chain pet stores, there comes this story of obscene corporate neglect in the face of rising flood waters. Last week Johnson City, New York was struck by floodwaters after rainstorms swelled the Susquehanna River. The rising waters overwhelmed a shopping plaza and drowned over a 100 animals who were trapped in their cages inside a Petco pet store, abandoned by store managers to a terrifying and painful death.


Petco maintains that it did not know the flood waters were coming, despite locally publicized flood warnings and the fact that the same plaza was flooded back in 2006 after a similar flood. They actually tried to blame the flooding on a blocked sewage system and not the engorged river that was flooding everything else around it.


A lot of people around Johnson City are upset and calling for a boycott of Petco. I hope it sticks enough to shut that place down. The managers should be throw in jail.


You can let Petco know how you feel about it via their Twitter and Facebook pages.





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Petco managers leave scores of animals to drown in flood waters
A Petco pet store in New York state is feeling the heat this week after abandoning over 100 animals to drown in their cages from the flooding Susquehanna River.