Arctic fox mom and kits

All photos courtesy of Ivan Kislov

A snowy tundra might seem harsh and desolate, but when you glimpse the photography of Ivan Kislov, you'll quickly realize how the Arctic teems with wildlife.

Working as a mining engineer in the remote Chukotka region of Russia, Kislov uses photography as a way to relax on breaks. He's become especially fond of photographing foxes, animals that are naturally curious and have no qualms about getting up-close and personal with a camera shutter.

Wet fox kit

In addition to his fox fascination, Kislov has encountered all kinds of Arctic wildlife over the years, including hares, wolves, bears, herds of caribou, wolverines, weasels and countless bird species.

Continue below for a look at a sample of his best shots, and be sure to follow his 500px feed for more photos and updates!

Arctic rabbit nibbling

Bears in the Arctic

Arctic fox with silver and red coloring

Arctic white mustelid

Arctic caribou herd

Fox kits wrestling

Arctic bunny

Wolverine in the Arctic

white-tailed ptarmigan

Fox calls

Arctic birds

Arctic wolf

White fox

Arctic bird of prey

Arctic birds in snow

Arctic fox snowdrift

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Photographer finds radiance in wildlife of Arctic tundra
An Arctic tundra teems with wildlife in the photography of Ivan Kislov.