New York City is known for many things around the world and unfortunately one of those things is their rats. Rats have shared the city with people since colonial days, and it's been estimated that there are four of them for every one person, meaning there could be more than 30 million rats within NYC's five boroughs. City officials spend millions of dollars every year responding to the city's rat problem but have long ago given up on trying to eliminate them entirely. It's just not possible.


The rat problem has gotten so bad recently that the Transport Workers Union TWU Local 100 put together a website that allows New Yorkers to submit and vote on pictures of city rats. The website, RatFreeSubways, has a photo gallery of user-submitted photographs that they're calling Rate My Rat. The union is giving away a free, unlimited MetroCard to a person chosen from those who submit photos.


So if you're a New Yorker and run across a big ol' rat in the course of your day, whip out your cellphone and grab a photo so you can add your own rat to the pile. Who knows, if you find one that's disgusting enough, you could end up bringing home a free MetroCard.


Via Atlanta Journal-Constitution


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Rate My Rat allows you to rank your neighborhood NYC rats
New York City transit workers want your photos of native rats. Click over to the Rate My Rat website to see some pretty gross rats — and for a chance at winni