As a mom, there is little that I won't do for my kids. I've learned the words to every princess movie, woken up at dawn to go running in the rain (my eldest is training for a Children's Marathon), burned the midnight oil knitting scarves for their dolls, and cleaned up everything from blood to puke to poop of off my kitchen floor. It's all just part of the territory of being a mom.

And that's apparently how strongly researchers at China's Hetaoping Research and Conservation Center for the Giant Panda in Wolong National Nature Reserve feel about a baby panda cub they are raising.  

The 4-month-old cub is the first in the center to be raised for possible reintroduction into the wild. So researchers are doing everything they can to ensure that the cub's day-to-day environment is devoid of human influence. That means that every researcher who comes in contact with the cub — whether it's for feeding or performing physical examinations — must wear a giant panda costume.  

That's one trick even I haven't had to do ... yet.

Kudos to these researchers for doing what they have to do — dignity aside — to raise this cub. For pics, check out the photo gallery here.

Researchers don panda suits to raise cubs
Chinese researchers take an unusual approach to raising a baby panda for reintroduction in to the wild.