In the season six premiere of "River Monsters," Animal Planet's best performing series ever, host Jeremy Wade set out to find an anaconda possibly responsible for the recent death of a man - and many others gone missing. 

The 58-year-old British adventurer was attracted to the area around Porto de Moz, Brazil after a deceased man was found with massive bruises on his neck and torso and numerous crushed bones in his body. Numerous other people from the town had also gone missing under mysterious circumstances. After diving into the Amazon River in search of the suspected culprit, Wade came upon a massive anaconda he believed likely responsible for the deaths. 

"Look at the size of this! I've stumbled into a potential man-eater," Wade exclaims in the episode, estimating the snake's length at 20 feet and weighing close to 200 pounds. "It's terrifying being this close to an anaconda that could seize me in a flash and then crush me to death." 

Check out video of Wade's close-up with the giant snake below. "River Monsters," recently renewed for a seventh season, airs on Animal Planet Sundays at 9PM ET.

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'River Monsters' star discovers potential man-eating anaconda
Dramatic video shows the moment Jeremy Wade swims up to the 20-foot, 200 pound giant snake.