Remember those fun falling scenes in Avatar, when Jake Sully and Neytiri break their falls by dropping onto a series of leaves? I just found out there’s a toad that does exactly that to escape from its enemies.

That would be the waterfall toad, which happens to have opposable thumbs like humans do! The waterfall toad is one of the first scenes of LIFE, Discovery Channel’s follow-up to Planet Earth. Watch the frog break its perilous fall in this short clip:

LIFE, narrated by Oprah Winfrey, takes a more intimate look at different animal and plant groups, showcasing amazing scenes from the natural world in seven continents. The first two of its 11 parts — Challenges of Life and Reptiles and Amphibians — will air March 21 on the Discovery Channel. Here’s a couple of clips from those episodes to pique your interest. Watch cheetahs hunt ostrich and Komodo dragons hunt buffalo!

In addition to the TV episodes, LIFE’s website will soon feature games, videos and an interactive endangered species map.
See exciting animal hunts and escapes up close in 'LIFE'
Discovery Channel's LIFE gives you an up close look at the thrilling action of the natural world.