Kyle Vanhemert over at Wired turned up a beautiful story about video artist Dennis Hlynsky and his work documenting the flight patterns of birds. Mr. Hlynsky processes video of birds in flight in a way that documents their entire flight path. His technique layers successive frames of the video on top of one another and leaves them visible. The result is a sort of fourth dimensional record of the flight, showing where the bird travelled throughout the life of the shot.

Mr. Hlynsky first discovered the magic of this technique in 2006 and has been making new videos every since. One of this videos recently caught the eye of researcher and flocking expert Frank Heppner who contacted Hlynsky to talk about the possibility of refining his process to utilize 3D tracking.

You can watch one of Mr. Hlynsky’s videos here:

Starlings at Sunset from Dennis Hlynsky on Vimeo.

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Seeing the flight of birds through the scope of the fourth dimension
Video artist Dennis Hlynsky has discovered a way to tease out the flight patterns of flocks of birds. The results are stunning.