Following in the footsteps of other celebrities like Ginnifer Goodwin and Ellen DeGeneres, actress Shannon Elizabeth is asking Americans to forego the traditional Thanksgiving turkey and instead save a life and adopt one.


“The first time I met turkeys face-to-face, I couldn’t get over how they enjoyed my attention just as much as my dogs do!” the "American Pie" actress says. “Seeing firsthand how sweet and affectionate turkeys are, I could no longer separate them from how I thought about my dogs at home, who I always want to feel safe and protected."


According to the animal sanctuary, which has shelters in New York and California, more than 26 million turkeys are currently confined in miserable conditions and slaughtered each year for the Thanksgiving holiday. For a quarter century, Farm Sanctuary has helped rescue and provide care for more than 1,000 adopted turkeys.


"For a one-time donation gift of just $30, anyone can sponsor a turkey who lives at one of our three shelters," the group writes. "As a turkey sponsor, you will receive a special Adopt a Turkey certificate with a color photo of and fun details about your new friend."


“If you are like me and oppose animal cruelty, start a new tradition and adopt a turkey from Farm Sanctuary's Adopt a Turkey Project," exclaims Elizabeth. 


If sponsoring a turkey isn't your thing, Farm Sanctuary also has a home-adopt option for those with a bit of land and a dedication to compassionate living (which, naturally, includes subscribing to at least a vegetarian diet). 


To get started and make a difference for a turkey this holiday season, hit the official adoption site here


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Shannon Elizabeth urges turkey adoption
'American Pie' actress Shannon Elizabeth wants people to oppose animal cruelty and support Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt A Turkey Project.