While many species of birds will flee in advance of an approaching hurricane, some ride it out, taking their chances in trees, bushes, or whatever other kind of natural shelter may be nearby. Unfortunately for birds in Puerto Rico this week, Hurricane Maria's Category 4 winds ripped local vegetation to shreds, throwing birds into the maelstrom and putting them at the mercy of the storm.

Fortunately for some birds, a woman named Michelle H. came to the rescue. Posting on Twitter, the college student shared how rescuing one injured bird quickly turned into a major rescue effort.

Undeterred by the storm, Michelle continued offering refuge to stunned and hurt birds, posting a video that showed dozens hunkering down inside her apartment.

With the storm now over and clean up efforts underway, Michelle posted that her own temporary feathered friends are one-by-one returning back to their homes.

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Student saves dozens of birds injured by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico
Michelle H. posts heartwarming story on Twitter about her adventure caring for birds displaced by Hurricane Maria.