Have you ever wondered what's going on inside an eggshell while a baby bird develops? Well, you're about to have all of your questions answered. Scientists in Japan recently developed a technique that allows baby chicks to develop without the shell, giving researchers a sneak peek inside as the baby chick grows.

The technique was recently demonstrated by a group of high school students in a super-cool video that gives us all that bird's-eye view. In the video, the students crack a store-bought egg into a clear plastic cup containing an artificial medium that fosters fertilization. After a few days in an incubator, you can see the chick's blood vessels and beating heart.

A developing chick embryo, seen outside the egg In just one week, you can see the very initial stages of development. (Photo: YouTube)

A few more days and you can see the chick's features start to develop. Within about one month, the live chick can be seen running around the lab. Check out the video below:

The technique demonstrated in the video was first described by researchers Yutaka Tahara and Katsuya Obara in their 2014 study, "A Novel Shell-less Culture System for Chick Embryos Using a Plastic Film as Culture Vessels."

Aside from being fascinating to watch, the shell-less egg development method also has significant implications for the preservation of rare birds in that it offers a method to save chicks in damaged shells.

Now that's an egg-cellent development.

Students grow a chicken without the eggshell
Japanese high school students recently demonstrated a new technique that lets us watch as a baby chicken develops outside of an eggshell.