Watch as a fisherman's hook snares in a baby great white shark onto California's Venice Beach. The unnamed fisherman and surfers who risked razor sharp teeth to unhook and set the little shark free get Awesome People Points for their brave deed. Just about every species of shark in the entire world is currently endangered due to overfishing so every shark's life is vitally important to protect. That little great white shark represents a lot of biological investment by the great white species and it's continued existence will make it that much more likely that they species will forever be around.



The health of the oceans and the things that live in it is one of the most important issues of our time and doesn't get near as much attention as the severity of the problem warrants. To learn more about the problem and what you can do about it, check out the following resources:


Greenpeace Oceans


Ocean Conservancy




The Nature Conservancy


Protect The Ocean



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Surfers rescue baby great white shark
Watch as a beachside fisherman hooked a baby great white shark and was helped by nearby surfers in unhooking and returning it back to the sea.