This video didn't fit into our recent roundup of spiderweb videos, but it's too good not to post for Halloween. It would be spectacular even without the surprise ending, but that twist in the final 15 seconds is probably why it's been viewed 1.4 million times on Vimeo.

(Note: It doesn't have the same effect if you just skip to the end. If you've never seen this video before, it's worth setting aside 90 seconds to watch the whole thing.)

"Spider Attack" has enjoyed several popularity surges since it was first posted in 2010, but its startling portrayal of backyard nature is timeless. If you're curious how photographer Ahmet Özkan managed to catch this on film, he explains thusly on Vimeo:

"That day I grabbed my camera and went to the garden wall where I made most of my spider shots. Then I saw this little web spinner busy with his prey. As that moment was so precious, I decided to take a video shot first ...

"That wall top was the hunting zone for the jumping spiders. While I was filming the spider spinning around the ant, I saw a jumper approaching from the left. You can see my camera trying to turn left with a hesitation. At the time I firstly planned to focus [on] the jumper but suddenly came the idea to keep focus on the spinner as there might be a nice ending there. And then came the big hit. The result was more awesome than I expected :)

"The jumper got his prey and left. I tried to rescue the ant after the incident. But it was too late for the poor ant."

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Surprising spider attack immortalized on video
Make sure you watch all the way through for the twist ending.