Where does chiroptophobia, the fear of bats, come from? Maybe it's from watching vampire movies or the opening of the "Scooby Doo" cartoon, or maybe it's because bats are nocturnal creatures and things are often scarier in the dark. What the books and movies that reinforce the fear of these flying mammals never tell us about bats is how beneficial they are. They are natural plant pest control on farms and in gardens, and they're excellent pollinators for all sorts of plants. We need bats and that's why there are bat rescue groups.

This absolutely adorable video of a rescued orphan baby flying fox bat should take away any fear you or anyone else has about bats. There's no way you can be afraid of something this sweet.

According to Batzilla the Bat's Facebook page, the handmade wrap this distressed baby bat is being swaddled in is called a "cuddlebatz." It allows the baby to attach to a dummy pacifier and then be wrapped snugly in a "wing."

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Swaddled baby bat erases all fear of bats
Handmade 'cuddlebatz' wraps swaddle distressed baby bats and make you forget all about vampires.