Want to take an eco-vacation to see sea turtles — but can’t afford the high-priced eco-tours? Now comes a chance for you to win a free eco-trip with SEE Turtles — by educating yourself about the ocean and the creatures in it.

That chance comes from eco-nonprofit Oceana, which wants you to test your watery knowledge with its Ocean IQ quiz. Answer 10 questions and you could win Nautica watches and goodies or a Nintendo Wii system with the Endless Ocean game! If you take the quiz and challenge four friends to test their knowledge too, you’ll also be entered to win the grand prize: Sea turtle conservation trip — plus airfaire — to get up close and personal with sea turtles in the wild.

I’ll be honest: The quiz wasn’t easy. I looked for clues in Oceana’s “Explore” section, but because its search engine’s finicky and the section as a whole not particularly user friendly, I was googling and Wikipedia-ing for answers too. And despite all my efforts, I got one of the 10 questions wrong!

At first I was devastated — then I found out that though I won’t be in Oceana’s “Hall of Fame” for perfect scorers, my imperfect score doesn’t actually affect my chances of winning the prizes! So I challenged some fellow MNN bloggers to try and beat my score — and have my fingers crossed to win the SEE Turtles trip –

Take the quiz by March 19, 2010, for a chance to win. How did you score?

Test your oceans IQ, win an eco-trip
Take an Oceana quiz for a chance to win a trip to watch sea turtles in the wild.