Mogli the therapy cat with a woman in a wheelchair

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Eleanora Mende, 84, who lost the use of her legs and uses a wheelchair, strokes the tail of Mogli during the therapy cat's weekly visit to the Lutherstift senior care facility on Aug. 6 in Berlin, Germany.

These weekly visits are important because they spark the curiosity and the delight of the facility residents, many of whom are suffering from dementia and other debilitating conditions.

Although it's more common to see dogs as therapy animals, cats also have a keen ability to cheer people up, relieve stress and lower blood pressure. Think your furry feline friend would be a great source of comfort for others? Learn more about what it takes to get your cat certified as a therapy animal.

Mogli the therapy cat receives pets

Mogli relaxes on a table as a group of elderly women who suffer from dementia stroke his fur.

Mogli the therapy cat with his caretaker

Mogli's human, Eva Kullmann, retrieves the furry feline after he wandered off to inspect the office of a facility worker.

Mogli the therapy cat gives a high five

Mogli lifts a paw to give Kullmann a high-five as facility residents look on.

A woman pets Mogli the therapy cat

Mende gives a relaxed Mogli a soft pet on his head.

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Therapy cat brightens the lives of dementia patients
Weekly visits from Mogli are important because they spark the curiosity of the senior care facility residents.