Kittens, puppies and bunnies have long ruled the Internet with their conventionally adorable fluffiness, but it's about time they shared the spotlight with other baby animals that aren't given nearly enough credit for their cuteness contributions. Opossums, like the ones we see in the video above, are a prime example.

These North American marsupials are plagued with a negative reputation despite being harmless and, in many cases, beneficial! To be fair, adult opossums can look kind of creepy the first time you see one, but take just one look at their babies and you'll know you've been judging them unfairly all along.

Continue on to see more examples of juvenile critters that are surprisingly adorable despite their parents' aesthetics.


While this clutch of octopus eggs may at first give you the heebie-jeebies, it's all worth it when you see the first little eight-legged baby emerge from its shell. Octopuses are strange, enigmatic animals, for sure, but as babies, their cuteness level rivals the fluffiest of kittens.


An adorable baby alligator peaks its head out of the water.
An adorable baby alligator peaks its head out of the water. (Photo: Willie Davis/Shutterstock)

Swimming with alligators is notoriously ill-advised, but it's certainly exciting to marvel at their strength and fearsome appearance from afar. The same applies to their strangely adorable offspring, which grow quickly and can draw blood not long after birth.


When most people think of armadillos, two things come to mind — roadkill and leprosy. But the truth is that these armored critters are more than meets the shell. And their offspring? Well, as you can see more the video above, they're some of the cutest babies around!

Pygmy hippos

Adult hippos would be hard-pressed to win any beauty pageants, but their young are an entirely different story. Baby pygmy hippos, in particular, are off-the-charts adorable. In the video above, we see a baby bobbing up and down in the water and practicing its doggy paddle. Just look at those innocent doe eyes and those twitchy ears!


Teeny weeny chameleons hatchlings test out their climbing skills.
Teeny weeny chameleons hatchlings test out their climbing skills. (Photo: Paul Fahy/Taronga Zoo)

Fascinating. Mysterious. Intriguing. These are all words typically used to describe the demeanor of chameleons. And while all of that is certainly true, they can also be quite endearing — especially as curious hatchlings!


As adults, these long-eared, long-snouted insectivores possess thin, coarse hair, but when they're babies, they're nearly hairless. While many hairless animals can look pretty bizarre (we're looking at you, naked mole rats!), baby aardvarks really know how to rock the aesthetic and melt the hearts of everyone in the process.


A fluffy Eurasian eagle owlet.
A fluffy Eurasian eagle owlet. (Photo: Kristof Degreef/Shutterstock)

Owls are some of the most majestic avians to grace the planet, but before they can achieve their revered status as the "wise ones of the forest," they must first go through an awkward teen phase that involves some seriously fluffy plumage. And we're not complaining!


Say hello to one of the strangest creatures on the planet. While full-grown echidnas look like a cross between a porcupine and an anteater, baby echidnas, which are known as "puggles," start out with hairless pudgy bodies.


Tortoises can live for many decades and grow to immense sizes, but it's always a delight to see them in their humble, pint-sized beginnings. And watching this one's comically adorable attempt to eat a chunk of watermelon? Well, that's just icing on the cake.

Catie Leary ( @catieleary ) writes about science, travel, animals and the arts.