Baby orangutan orphans

All photos: Robertus Pudyanto/Getty Images

An adorable 10-month-old orangutan named Rizki chomps on leaves while lounging in a net at the Surabaya Zoo in East Java, Indonesia.

Rizki was taken in by the zoo's special care unit after he was rejected by his 13-year-old mother, Dora, shortly after birth. Zoo staff have been hand-rearing the endangered orphan by providing around-the-clock care, changing diapers and feeding him milk and mashed up bananas.

Today, Rizki is doing much better, and he is now strong enough to roam the enclosure with other orangutans, like 3-year-old Damai (pictured with Rizki in the photos below).

Orangutan orphan babies
Orangutan orphans play with keeper
Orangutan orphan baby

Editor's note: This story has been updated to correct misinformation.

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Things are looking up for adorable orangutan brothers
Orangutan Rizki was taken in by Surabaya Zoo's special care unit after he was rejected by their mother.