The warm and welcoming waters of Palm Beach, Florida, are attracting not only humans these days, but also mega-schools of sharks.

Over 10,000 blacktip sharks have taken up residence off the coast of Palm Beach, part of an annual migration from the Carolinas to warmer waters. Whereas the species would generally settle in the Miami-Dade and Ft. Lauderdale areas, this year they've decided to vacation further north.

Stephen Kajiura, an associate professor at Florida Atlantic University who studies the sensory biology of fish, is tracking the sharks to better understand why they've chosen the Palm Beach area. His team has tagged 32 out of their goal of 60 so far, with most averaging six feet in length.

"You can really, literally, stand on shore and toss a pebble and hit a shark," Kajiura told

While blacktip sharks are responsible for the greatest number of bites in Florida, none of the encounters have ever been fatal.

“These sharks are pretty skittish,” Kajiura added to ABC News. “So when they see a human, they swim away.”

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