If you ever wanted a horse as a child but couldn't because they're big, expensive eating and pooping machines in need of acreage, then swing your browser over to Trotify and get back in the saddle.


Trotify is a beautifully designed wooden bicycle attachment that harnesses a small measure of your cycling energy to clop together two coconut halves (which you provide), wonderfully mimicking the syncopated rhythm of a trotting horse.


Trotify is running a Kickstarter-like campaign and is trying to sell 1,000 units in the next 20 days with a target shipping date of March 2013. The flatpack, assemble-at-home design is selling for around $40 USD (priced at £26.84 + S&H).



Via Reddit


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Turn your bike into a horse with Trotify
Trotify will turn any bike into a clip-clopping chariot of cool. Check it out in action here.