Got a scratched up door or slightly stained carpet, thanks to your favorite feline friend? Well, one human’s no-longer-perfect household furnishing is often one happy cat’s perfect toy. And while your kitty might be perfectly good at repurposing your stuff into its toys all by itself, here are a couple upcycling DIY ideas you might want to try out — to celebrate Earth Week with your pet:

>> Craft a cat toy from shopping bag handles. If you’ve saved up a stack of shopping bags — the nice kind, with cotton-string handles — from your less-green days, and feel guilty throwing them away though you haven’t reused them, here’s a project for you. First, free the handles by spending a few minutes undoing the knots keeping the handles attached to the bag. Then wind, wind, wind — until you’ve got a sizeable ball of string, a.k.a. free cat toy! “Just re-ravel after each cat attack,” advises Peggy Rowland at Light Green Stairs, whose cat you can see joyfully playing with Peggy’s upcycling project above.

>> Turn a slightly damaged shelf into a cat climbing shelf. One cat owner took a damaged IKEA Billy shelf, added a carpet (try upcycled fabric!), put in corner irons, and bolted the shelf to the wall. Now, the shelf’s a cat’s playground. (via Lifehacker)

Know of other earth-friendly and cat-friendly DIY projects? Share them in the comments --

Upcycling projects for cat lovers
Celebrate Earth Week with your favorite feline by taking on an eco-DIY weekend project your cat will love.