Naturalist Brad Josephs left his GoPro camera by an Alaskan stream a few years ago, part of an effort to record wild grizzly bears for a BBC nature film. He caught amazingly candid footage of the animals, including a shot of one bear that apparently considered eating the camera. Thankfully it didn't, allowing Josephs to retrieve the footage and release it under the title "A Grizzly 'Almost' Ate My GoPro."

That video was great, but it was also a bit lengthy for some YouTube attention spans. So GoPro made a shorter highlight reel, edited to the song "Peach Bottom Baby" by Coo Coo Birds, and recently re-released it as a commercial (albeit with a slightly less accurate title). Check it out above.

And to see more up-close video of grizzlies with their guard down, check out some of Josephs' original footage below, which was filmed for the BBC's "Great Bear Stakeout." 

It should go without saying, but just in case: Don't try to re-create or imitate these videos. Grizzly bears can be dangerous. If you have any plans to travel through bear country — whether they're brown, black or polar bears — you may want to read about how to survive a bear attack before you go.

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Watch a curious grizzly bear investigate a GoPro
A photographer caught amazing footage of grizzly bears just by leaving his camera on the ground.