During a bike race through South Africa's Albert Falls Dam and Game Reserve on Sunday, 17-year-old cyclist Evan van der Spuy was cruising in second place when he saw something strange: a red hartebeest charging at him across the savanna.


"I saw it coming from about 100 meters away," van der Spuy tells News24 of South Africa. "I looked at it and think I pointed at it, and from there it was a blur."


The reason it was a blur — and why that antelope is now a YouTube star, dubbed "Buck Norris" — was thankfully captured by a camera mounted on the bike of van der Spuy's teammate, Travis Walker, who was riding behind him:



Walker describes the collision as "freaky," telling News24 he didn't think the hartebeest would actually hit van der Spuy. "I saw it coming closer so I braked, [I] thought it would go in between the gap," he says. "It hit him, lifted him off the ground, [and he] landed in the grass ... he started making weird noises and I didn't know what to do."


Van der Spuy suffered a concussion, but amazingly no broken bones. And while most cyclists are more at risk from distracted drivers than unruly ungulates, van der Spuy still takes a broader safety message from his experience. "If it wasn't for the helmet I don't know what would have happened. It could have been fatal, so it just reaffirms how crucial it is to wear a helmet at all times."


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A red hartebeest dubbed 'Buck Norris' crashes into a bike race in South Africa, and onto computer screens around the world.