A kitten in California recently earned himself the nickname "Lucky" when he was rescued from a burning home by a quick-thinking firefighter. And Lucky's story went viral when it was revealed that veteran Fresno firefighter Cory Kalanick had captured the rescue on his helmet-cam.

As you can see in the video below, Lucky is unresponsive when Kalanick spots him with his headlight. "I looked down, and you can actually see the cat shining in the spotlight of my flashlight," said Kalanick, in an interview with CBS-affiliate KGPE news. Kalanick gently picked up the kitten and skillfully cared for him, administering a full tank of oxygen and using water to cool the kitty down.

After 15 minutes, Kalanick was rewarded for his efforts with a barely audible "meow."

Even better is this edited video of the rescue created by YouTube user kalanick1111 (presumably Cory Kalanick?) It's nothing short of awesome.

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Watch: 'Lucky' kitten's rescue by firefighters caught on helmet-cam
Veteran firefighter Cory Kalanick goes all out to save a lifeless kitten.