You can watch the newly hatched bald eagle chick grow up!

January 3, 2017, 12:33 p.m.

Loyal viewers of a bald eagle nest in Southwest Florida eagerly watched as eagle parents Harriet and M15 welcomed a fuzzy new chick into the world over the weekend.

The camera, provided by Fort Meyers-based Dick Pritchett Real Estate, has zeroed in on the nest for many seasons, and viewers have watched dramas play out over the years, including the death of Harriet's original mate, Ozzie and her bonding with a new male, M15.

The cameras positioned above and around the nest offer the world an insider's view of the life and times of this famous bald eagle couple's newest offspring.

The second egg still shows no sign of hatching, and it's unlikely that it will hatch at all. But viewers can still watch as the single new bald eagle chick grows up under the watchful eyes of its parents.

Because the camera can sometimes show some rather shocking natural history moments, the camera's host reminds viewers: "Eagles are wild birds and anything can happen in the wild. The Southwest Florida Eagle Camera (SWFEC) does not interfere or intervene and allows nature to take its course. You will see life and you might see death, but this is nature at her finest."

Hit play on the video below to start watching what the eagles are up to this very moment.