Check out this video of rich "hunters" (that term is used very loosely) shooting pigeons released from boxes while spraying the Delaware River with buckshot and endangering anyone passing by on the public waterway a boat. Members of the Philadelphia Gun Club (PGC) are rich and politically connected and have used their wealth and influence to dodge any regulation that would shut down their river-side gun range perched on the shore of the Delaware River in Eddington, Pennsylvania.

Warning: The video shows boxed pigeons being released and then blasted out of the air by shotgun-wielding PGC members.



Here's another video showing PGC members blasting away at pigeons released on their command. Many birds are left to die fluttering in the surrounding area or drowned in the river.


I have no problem with hunters who go out in nature and actually hunt animals for food, but trophy hunters like this really bug me. This isn't hunting, this is a disgusting and wasteful slaughter that's more animal cruelty than it is sport.


If the theory of the multiverse is true, people like the members of the Philadelphia Gun Club, those who prefer to have their animals served up to them for easy and lazy slaughter, are legal for even-richer hunters to bag in some parallel universe.


Screw these guys.



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Watch: Philadelphia Gun Club pollutes river, endangers public, while slaughtering hapless pigeons
Members of the Philadelphia Gun Club are the worst kind of hunters— lazy shooters who like their wasteful slaughter served up to them from the comfort of thei