South African Michael Jamison and his girlfriend Jackie are animal lovers. Their 15 dogs and two cats can make for a hectic scene at feeding time, especially since their two cats are Bengal tigers. Not Bengal cats; they're full-on Bengal tigers. Two-year-old Enzo is a nearly fully grown tiger while Ozzy, the latest addition to the family, is practically still a kitten at 7 months old (a kitten large enough to eat you). Ozzy was rescued from a neglectful owner who fed him a diet lacking in the proper amount of calcium, which has caused Ozzy to suffer from bone problems and may explain the bad tooth.

This video of Michael pulling Ozzy's bad tooth is adorable. And a little crazy.

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Watch: Pulling a bad tooth from the mouth of a tiger
It takes a brave soul and a steady hand to yank a rotten tooth from a tiger big enough to eat your face off. Watch it happen here.