It's a good thing Halloween is still three weeks away, because these bears obviously need more time to work on their pumpkin-carving techniques:



The scene above is from New York's Bronx Zoo, which is getting its residents and visitors into the Halloween spirit this month with a series of holiday-themed events called "Boo at the Zoo." Giving pumpkins to zoo animals — aka "pumpkin enrichment" — has been a fall tradition for years across the U.S., similar to the way watermelons are often handed out in summer.


To see how other animals — including gorillas, tigers, wolverines and polar bears — react to their gourd gifts, check out the following two videos, filmed at the Detroit Zoo in 2010 and the Brookfield (Ill.) Zoo in 2009:




Via Bronx Zoo, Associated Press, Brookfield Zoo

Russell McLendon ( @russmclendon ) writes about humans and other wildlife.

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A pair of brown bears at the Bronx Zoo rings in the Halloween season with a cherished tradition: smashing (and devouring) pumpkins.