Fix those dripping faucets — or your eco-conscious cat will glare at you! Okay — I'm not particularly adept at interpreting feline expressions, but check out the way this cat takes a break from lapping up faucet drips to look meaningfully into the camera:

That cat’s called Camembert, and belongs to my sister. And while I don’t think water conservation was the intent of Cammy’s YouTube debut, the short video made me wonder how much dripping faucets are costing us, environmentally speaking.

Luckily, the United States Geological Survey has a handy “drip accumulator” that lets you quickly figure out how much water your dripping faucet is wasting. Just one faucet dripping a drop a second wastes five gallons of water a day!

So fix those faucets! And just so my sis doesn’t get eco-hate mail, here’s what she had to say about Cammy and the faucet:

That faucet isn’t leaky. If she sees me in the bathroom she’ll jump in the tub and look pleadingly at the faucet until I turn it on, but only just a little bit. If I do the stream any stronger she can’t get her lapping-groove on, and leaps out of the tub. She is really starting to delay my morning showers …

In other feline news, Santa Monica became the second California city to ban cat declawing. If you have a guess as to how that rule would affect the greenness of your pet, share your thoughts in the comments.

Water conserving cat
Can a cute cat convince you to conserve water? Watch my sister's cat make good use of droplets from a drippy faucet.