What has huge ears, eats insects all night long, and is NOT a bat?

April 10, 2015, 1 p.m.

The bat-eared fox is a fascinating member of the canid family. It lives in savannas and scrublands of eastern and southern Africa where temperatures during the day soar. To cope, it spends the day inside its cool underground den, emerging in the evenings to hunt. But the bat-eared fox doesn't go for the mice and other rodents that fox species usually enjoy. Instead, this species is insectivorous, feeding primarily on harvester termites. These termites make up as much as 80-90 percent of their diet. The fox is equipped with enormous, 5-inch-tall ears to help them both hear their prey and to dissipate heat so it can better keep cool in its hot habitat.

The bat-eared fox isn't the only odd and interesting fox species. We gathered up photos and facts about our favorite fox species, including the Tibetan sand fox and the crab-eating fox. If you think this is a cool species, check out the others!

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