Where do urban foxes and coyotes live?

February 19, 2015, 12 p.m.

Out of the woods and into the cities

Though fox and coyote are two canid species that have become common in urban areas, finding them is no easy task, as many researchers have discovered. These two species are able to thrive among hundreds of thousands, even millions of people, and stay relatively invisible. Though we know that they seek cover in any green space they can find, from parks to golf courses to greenbelts to big back yards, exactly where do they like to live? What are their territory sizes? How do they find resources? Exactly what are their resources?

All of these are questions the urban ecology researchers are beginning to seek answers to, including a new study out of University of Wisconsin-Madison which is looking at fox and coyote living right on campus and the surrounding areas. The answers will not only fill in gaps in our understanding of these species, but they will also start to provide solutions for peaceful coexistence.

"We want people to start appreciating that there is all this wonderful urban wildlife," explains David Drake, the lead researcher behind the study. "And then we talk to them about what they can do to benefit urban wildlife in these areas and what they shouldn’t do. And specific to these coyote and fox, we talk to them about the ecology of the animals, why they’re moving into these city areas, what to do if you encounter an animal and what not to do."

Learn all about this study and what it is discovering, and view a ton of photos going behind the scenes in tracking and collaring these animals, in our recent article.

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