Why did the chicken cross the road?

May 10, 2019, 8:25 a.m.
chicken crossing road
Photo: THOMAS WARNACK/AFP/Getty Images

Ertingen is a town in southern Germany that lies along the Danube River. The area is known for its hiking opportunities, a recreational lake, a community indoor swimming pool and many annual festivals.

Although Ertingen is becoming more commercialized and modern, the town has a long agricultural history that also includes poultry farming. With about 5,000 or so human residents, there are also plenty of chickens that live in the area and not all of them stay in the confines of their coops.

Looking out for the safety of the feathered inhabitants, one local resident set up a special crosswalk for the chickens of a neighboring farm. The animals regularly cross the road to drink from a village fountain on the other side of the street.

To help keep the birds safe on their journey, he installed a zebra-striped sidewalk crossing marked with a specially marked sign.

It definitely explains why the chicken crossed the road. Or at least where.