If wolves could tweet, would we protect them better? That’s sort of what Earthjustice is betting on with its new campaign, Save Our Skins. A new social media-savvy site gives voices and personalities to animals that could be harmed by the GOP budget bill — and other decisions to be made in Washington DC.

“Who’s my favorite composer? Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, obviously. Still think Anna and Leo should have named him Wolfpack, though.” That’s a sample tweet from @WolfSOS

, whose 140-characters range from funny — to funny and informative: “If this whole ESA protection thing doesn’t work out, maybe I can get Chuck Norris protections. #SaveOurSkins http://ejus.tc/wolfsos.”

The action Earthjustice wants to take — namely, send a letter to senate leaders to preserve Endangered Species Act protections for the gray wolf — has to do almost entirely with wolves. After all, if the GOP effort to stop protecting the gray wolf is successful, “it will mark the first time since the Endangered Species Act was created in 1973 that a threatened or endangered species was delisted by politicians instead of wildlife experts,” Earthjustice points out.

But the Save Our Skins campaign also features the ever lovable polar bear and the salmon — which are battling dam projects. Whether you dream of hugging polar bears or enjoying a fresh salmon salad (sustainable wild Alaskan, of course), stop by the Save Our Skins site to show some support for the animals — or follow their funny tweets at @SalmonSOS and @PolarBearSOS.

Wolves tweet to save their skins
Earthjustice's new social media campaign gives voices and personalities to species that could be affected by anti-wildlife legislation.