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11 famous horses from history

By: Jaymi Heimbuch on Aug. 26, 2016, 2:10 p.m.
Seabiscuit was a champion Thoroughbred racehorse.

Photo: Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation/Wikipedia

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Speaking of Seabiscuit...

Quite a few race horses have had films made telling their story, including Phar Lap, Secretariat and Ruffian. But the highest grossing movie about a horse — any horse — to date is Seabiscuit. No one can hear this horse's story and not feel a swell of affection.

With a less-than-perfect body with short legs and an initially lazy personality, Seabiscuit seemed to have little potential despite being descended from legendary racehorse Man o' War and, farther back, the Godolphin Arabian. That is, until he landed in the hands of trainer Tom Smith and jockey Red Pollard.

It is through the unorthodox training approach of both men as well as their unflappable faith in the stallion that Seabiscuit finally found his stride, so to speak, and raced with a spirit that dazzled onlookers. Despite challenges and injuries for both Seabiscuit and Pollard, the pair went on to win big, including the Santa Anita Handicap.

Seabiscuit retired from racing in 1940 and died seven years later at the relatively young age of 14.