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13 of the cutest tree-dwelling animals in the world

By: Bryan Nelson on June 3, 2013, 5:34 p.m.
A brushtail possum holding onto a tree trunk

Photo: Andrew Mercer/Wikimedia Commons

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Brushtail possum

Adding to the list of adorable arboreal mammals from Australia, the brushtail possum is the epitome of cute. These charismatic nocturnal marsupials are actually the largest of all possums — about the size of a house cat.

Unlike many other forest animals, brushtail possums have adapted remarkably well to life in the urban environment, and are regularly encountered by humans, especially in suburban neighborhoods. They can occasionally be viewed as pests for this reason, but allowing a possum to take up residence on your property could also be a boon. Because they are largely solitary animals, encouraging a possum to claim your yard as its territory could help to keep other possums away. And besides, who could turn away such an adorable face?