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13 of the ugliest animals on the planet

By: Bryan Nelson on Feb. 16, 2016, 12:58 p.m.

Photo: Stig Nygaard/flickr

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With a hunching, bear-like gait, these beasts of the savannah aren't the prettiest animals on the planet, but at least they have a sense of humor. Occasionally referred to as "laughing hyenas," their calls are often described as haunting and witch-like. Although known for being scavengers, the Smithsonian reports that they actually kill 95 percent of what they eat. A group of hyenas can "dismantle and devour a 400-pound zebra in 25 minutes. An adult spotted hyena can tear off and swallow 30 or 40 pounds of meat per feeding."

Though they look like wild dogs, they are more closely related to civets, mongooses and meerkats.