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15 amazing camouflaged animals

By: Russell McLendon on Sept. 22, 2017, 10:12 a.m.
Egyptian nightjar hiding in sand

Photo: K K/Wikimedia Commons

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Egyptian nightjar

Nightjars are small, nocturnal birds found around the world, often called "goatsuckers" due to a myth about stealing goats' milk (they do hang out near goats, but just to eat the insects they attract). Most nightjars nest on the ground, and many have evolved feathers to match — such as this young Egyptian nightjar, seen resting in its desert habitat.

Egyptian nightjars are one of the few birds known to thrive in deserts, where their drab feathers blend in perfectly with the arid soil. While the species overall is currently declining, it isn't thought to be endangered, largely thanks to its vast range, which includes North Africa, the Middle East and southwest Asia.