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14 wacky animal sports

By: Laura Moss on April 1, 2011, 11:30 a.m.
man with ferret in crotch of his pants ferret legging

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Ferret legging

Ferret legging is essentially a contest to see who can keep a ferret in his pants the longest. The sport became popular with coal miners in Yorkshire, England, during the 1970s, and today it’s often seen at Celtic festivals. How do you play? The male-only contestants tie their pants at the ankles before placing a ferret inside and fastening their belts. Participants are not allowed to wear underwear, and the ferrets must have a full set of teeth. The winner is quite simply whoever lasts longest.

Ferrets are natural tunnelers that enjoy confined spaces, and advocates of this bizarre sport say that it’s much more likely the competitor will be injured during the game than the ferret. However, one has to wonder if the ferret truly emerges emotionally unscathed after spending hours in the pants of a man who’s going commando.