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15 animals making headlines

By: Laura Moss on April 22, 2011, 12:04 p.m.
baby buffalo with mother

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Buffalo will be allowed to roam outside Yellowstone National Park and into parts of Montana for the first time in a century without being captured or killed. After much controversy, the federal government and American Indian tribal governments agreed on April 12 to open 75,000 acres of public land to the nation’s last purebred herd. The bison have been barred from Montana for decades because they may carry brucellosis, an infection that causes cows to miscarry. The ranching industry fought to keep the symbol of the American West out of their lands for fear they would endanger the market value of cattle. Until now, any of the 3,700 buffalo that left Yellowstone in search of food would be chased back into the park, quarantined or slaughtered.