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5 wild cats you've probably never heard of

By: Ali Berman on Jan. 22, 2016, 4 p.m.
A stuffed Iriomote cat

Photo: Purplepumpkins/Wikimedia Commons

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Iriomote cat

The iriomote cat, native to and named after one small island in Japan, is also approximately the same size as a standard domestic cat. In 1994, only about 100 of these felines were on the island, a number that experts believe has diminished over the past two decades. This cat is considered a subspecies of the leopard cat. They are dark brown with some dark spots and striping, have a long body, a short tail and legs and rounded ears with a white spot on top. The biggest threat to their continued survival, according to the International Society for Endangered Cats, is breeding with domestic cats, an act that they say "dilutes the genetic integrity of the species."