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7 unusual insect courting rituals

By: Matt Hickman on Feb. 11, 2011, 1:25 p.m.
Close-up image of praying mantis

Photo: jnjmoreno/Flickr

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Creepy, crawly and oh-so-sexy

Without a doubt, frisky humans have a variety of tricks — some odd — up their sleeves. But when compared to the courting rituals of insects, the revealing lingerie, Barry White and a dab of Drakkar Noir on the wrists seems like child’s play. Brutish, aggressive, anatomically puzzling and straight-out weird, the ways in which insects seduce and procreate isn’t always pleasant but is endlessly fascinating … or squirm-inducing, depending on whom you ask.

We present the detailed mating habits of six types of insects and the orb-weaving spider (which isn't technically an insect due to the number of legs). Now let's get it on, shall we?