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8 animals pulled back from the brink of extinction

By: Bryan Nelson on June 25, 2014, 1:58 p.m.
Przewalski’s horse in Mongolia

Photo: Ludovic Hirlimann/Flickr

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Przewalski's horse

Unlike most species of so-called "wild" horses, the Przewalski’s horse is unique in that it was never domesticated. It therefore represents one of the only true wild horses left in existence. Tragically, however, after steadily declining for decades, the rare animal was declared extinct in the wild after not being seen since the 1960s. A breeding program was initiated involving the last 14 captive individuals in existence. Amazingly, the species has rebounded. Now, about 1,500 animals remain in zoos and breeding facilities, and nearly 400 horses roam reintroduction sites in Mongolia and China.