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8 uncanny animal lookalikes

By: Anna Norris on Nov. 5, 2013, 10 a.m.
A two-paneled pictured. The top image is an Eastern glass lizard and the bottom image is an Eastern glass snake.

Photo: Glenn Bartolotti [CC by SA-4.0]/Wikimedia Commons; Dawn Ashley [CC by ND-2.0]/Flickr

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Glass lizards and snakes

These two slithering reptiles look awfully similar, but one of these "snakes" is not like the other! Glass lizards (like the one at the top of the photo) are also known as "glass snakes" or "jointed snakes," but they are actually legless lizards, despite how much this one looks like the Florida kingsnake pictured below it. Though they must slither around on their bellies, these tricksters have eyelids and ear openings just like any other lizard.