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8 uncanny animal lookalikes

By: Anna Norris on Nov. 5, 2013, 10 a.m.
Ant (top left) and mimicking spider (bottom right)

Photo: Vipin Balinga/Flickr

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Jumping spiders and ants

Can you tell which is a spider and which is an ant? Some species of jumping spiders can mimic ants almost identically — and sometimes even use their extra pair of legs as "antennae." In this photo, the spider is actually in the bottom right corner. While some spiders look like ants as a form of agressive mimicry (to fool them into thinking they are safe), this particular species is actually engaging in Batesian mimicry. The Crematogaster ants, like many ants, are masters at defending themselves in groups. The vulnerably small dark-footed ant-spider takes advantage of its resemblance and avoids predators that include larger spiders.