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8 uncanny animal lookalikes

By: Anna Norris on Nov. 5, 2013, 10 a.m.
A four-paneled pictured. From top left, a drone fly bee, a honey bee, an Eastern glass lizard, and am Eastern glass snake

Photo: Alvesgaspar [CC by SA-3.0]/Wikimedia Commons; Fischer.H [CC by SA-4.0]/Wikimedia Commons; Glenn Bartolotti [CC by SA-4.0]; Dawn Ashley [CC by ND-2.0]/Flickr

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They've got us fooled

Tricky critters of all shapes and sizes fool us regularly with their faux appearances. From snakes that model more venomous varieties to flies that pretend to be bees, here are eight pairs of animals that look just alike. (Text: Anna Norris)