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9 inspiring animals that use prosthetics

By: Bryan Nelson on Dec. 15, 2010, 11 a.m.
Chhouk the elephant with his prosthetic foot

Photo: ZUMA Press

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Chhouk the elephant

Thanks to his jumbo-sized prosthetic foot, Chhouk the baby elephant has learned to walk again.

After he had gotten caught in a poacher's snare as an orphaned toddler, Chhouk was found by conservationists roaming alone in the forests of Cambodia, front foot still caught in a painful snare, severely malnourished and barely able to stand.

Though veterinarians couldn't save his foot, they were able to fit him with a pachyderm-sized prosthetic. Today Chhouk is putting his best foot forward — along with his new artificial foot — and is developing into a healthy adult.