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9 lesser-known cloned animals

By: Katherine Butler on Nov. 23, 2011, 8:47 a.m.
White-tailed deer

Photo: Jeremiah John McBride/Flickr

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White-tailed deer

It is not just endangered animals that have received the attention of scientists. The white-tailed deer is extremely common in North America. Nonetheless, researchers at Texas A&M cloned the first white-tailed deer in 2003. White-tailed deer are the most abundant big-game livestock in America and ranchers make a significant amount of money from hunters who pay to stalk them on their ranches. "Especially in the state of Texas, there are a lot of ranches that make more money on their deer management than they do on their livestock," researcher Mark Westhusin, who helped create the clone, told Westhusin also says that cloning could preserve some endangered species of deer.